the poetic wedding speech

incl. custom-made poem or song

Your bilingual wedding speaker from Munich, Germany,
to make your special day extraordinary!

Wedding Ceremony

As between the bride and groom, trust is the most important basis between the bridal couple and the wedding speaker. If you trust in the speaker’s ability to ensure one of the most beautiful moments in life, you can relax and enjoy the speech whole-heartedly!

In case you have decided on a free ceremony outside of the church, then there is already a basic tendency towards the extraordinary.

This resonates with me as I believe that the moment of the wedding ceremony should be anything but ordinary! It should be one of the very special moments of your life. Memorable. (Com)passionate. Beautiful.

In order for this moment to happen, a few ingredients are required from the speaker:

On request, I also offer my poetic and vocal performances. Thus, if you would like to have your own poem or a song written individually for you, you have come to the right guy! As a former professional singer/songwriter, I can offer you …

Dare to make your special day extraordinary with an extraordinary wedding speaker!

My job is to make everyone’s hearts smile so that it can be your job to enjoy that smile.


Yours faithfully

Markus Milla Zuefle

Markus Milla Zuefle

Tel: +49 178 4000 630

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Who is Markus Milla Zuefle?

An extraordinary event can be anything but ‘ordinary’. That’s a good thing, because among all the attributes that my companions would use to describe me, one thing would definitely never come up: ordinary.

As a native of Munich, this meant nothing good for me for a long time! Before I could call myself an author, communication coach and freelance speaker, it was a challenging path with many strokes of fate.

Despite my reserved, partly introverted past, one thing was given to me from the start: if you put a microphone in my hand, it was like someone tapping on a rhetorical gift. And then it got extraordinary.

As a songwriter, singer, rapper and poetry slammer, I gained international stage experience for many years. I then put my moderation skills to the test at a wide variety of events, such as art auctions or major political events.

When an engaged couple listened to my rhyming poetry at one of my public speeches, they had the brilliant idea that I could be the wedding speaker for their free ceremony and that I could write something extraordinary for them, too.

So, with deep gratitude, I now enjoy this wonderful privilege of making the very special life moments of different people extraordinary with the help of an individual speech. My gift has become a profession that I am passionate about.

With a hat as a trademark, a present vocal power and a lot of musical and poetic creativity, it is always a great honor to serve for the purposes of creating an unforgettably beautiful moment for other people. And I know, you, too, deserve something very special and extraordinary!

Call me (+49 178 4000 630) or send me your request via the contact form to talk about dates and ideas – free of charge and without any obligation!